What We’re Wearing: Shani Rocks A Red-Hot Steal For Winter

Shani Silver, Chicago Editor
What I'm Wearing: Red DVF coat that I found at a thrift store for $8. A black vintage jumpsuit that I found at Eskell. Seychelles Romance Boot, Black Sabina Backback that I got at Lori's in Chicago. My sunglasses were bought as eyeglasses on ebay. I had D/Vision in Chicago put dark lenses in to make sunglasses. The belt was a dollar at a thrift store and the necklace...who knows?
The Vacation I'm Dying To Have: Anywhere that is warmer than 60 degrees would be great, thanks.
What's On My iPod: At the moment? New stuff from Tiger Bones, Cut Copy, and Radiohead. I'm also mixing in a little Lady Gaga—seeing her show on Monday!
3 Things On My Bedside Table: A carved wooden box my BFF brought me from India, my glasses, and at least 4 magazines that I've been meaning to read.
Photo by Michael Fortner.