What We’re Wearing: Lexi Looks Out Of This World In Her Celestial Jumpsuit

Lexi Nisita, Editorial Intern

What I'm Wearing: "Urban Outfitters sandals, Zara jumpsuit. I saw a
girl walking around in this baby a few weeks back and I went crazy for
it but I thought I'd never find it...then what do you know, I was
strolling by Zara and there it was in the window! I bought it almost

Next Purchase I'm Saving Up For: More jewelry that I can wear every
single day without getting bored...particularly an amazing Erin
Considine friendship bracelet
I saw at Castor & Pollux the other day.

What I Had For Breakfast: A blueberry muffin and a lengthy swig of pear juice.

What's On My Summer To-Do List: I could go on forever...a number of
sewing projects, a day at the beach, and start reading up on possible
thesis ideas for next year!