What We’re Wearing: Gina’s Pre-Miami Getup

Gina Marinelli, Editorial Intern
What I'm Wearing: "My jeans are from Topshop, shoes are Nine West (from a million years ago!), the shirt I bought at a random cheap shop (but I can't remember what street it was on in Soho!), and the vest is Jack by BB Dakota. My jacket is from Urban Oufitters and my bag is Rachel Rachel Roy."
The Vacation I'm Dying To Have: "Well, I don't have to wait long for a vacation! I'm going to Miami this Thursday to visit one of my best friends! I'm so excited and just praying the the weather stays warm and sunny because I'm craving some quality beach time."
What's On My iPod: "I'm a little obsessed with Adele's "21." Her voice is just so smooth and soulful, perfect to relax on a long subway ride."
3 Things On My Bedside Table: "My glasses, which is rare because I usually fall asleep with them on my face and they end up on the floor, my alarm clock/radio and a 365-day, go-green calendar that was a gift from a friend. I rarely remember to change the day, but every once in a while I rip off like 20 days and catch up on what I missed."