What We’re Wearing: Connie Tries Out The Below-The-Knee Skirt

Connie Wang, Global Editor
What I'm Wearing: "Wilfred sweater, a Plastic Island buffalo-plaid sweater, and my Wilfred camel coat. The necklace is Giles and Bro., my bag is Madewell, the suede boots are Sam Edelman, my belt (which you've seen in probably ever single photo I'm in) is Old Navy. I was trying out the below-the-knee skirt look with this forest-green vintage version. I'm no 6-foot-tall model, so the length tends to bisect me weirdly. I'm still on the fence about this one."
The Vacation I'm Dying To Have: "I have a short weekend trip to Miami lined up, and I could not be more amped to get my jumbo-Mojito-on-the-beach on."
What's On My iPod: "I've been really into the daily music offerings we've been doing via the 'This Is Our Jam' column (listen to all the songs so far without breaks, here). I love all the song picks, except for Destroyer. My boyfriend's been trying to get me into them as well, but there's something about saxophones and me that will never coexist happily."
3 Things On My Bedside Table: "A White Castle candle (un-burned—so far...), a stack of still-wet-but-drying books from the great Window Leak Of '11, and a great big pile of wrappers from Japanese snacks that I have a bad habit of munching in bed. Hey, it's no Elle decor bedside tabletop, but it's all my own!"