What We're Wearing: Christene's Nearly 100%-Vintage Outfit

Christene Barberich, Editor-in-Chief
What I'm Wearing: "Almost 100% vintage, save the sunglasses, which are by Karen Walker. That rarely happens, but there you go! No designers of note, though I do really love these cork-heeled sandals...and my kitty bag always gets a smile."
Next Purchase I'm Saving Up For: "A car. I've got my eye on a vintage Mercedes 500SL in a dreamy ivory color. In real-life, I'll probably just get a Subaru."
What I Had For Breakfast: "Raisin Ezekial toast with butter and a big cup of organic coffee with almond milk. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day."
What's On My Summer To-Do List: "Get our whole team successfully settled and happy in our shiny new office space, go on a restful beach vacation, and clean out my email Inbox...it's pushing 8,000!"

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