What We’re Wearing: Connie’s Can’t-Toss-‘Em Boots

Connie Wang, Global Editor
What I'm Wearing: "I've got on a T-shirt with a screen-print of the great YSL from Christopher Lee Suave, a vintage blouse thrifted by the great Christene Barberich, and an H&M coat that's reminiscent of the great John Cusack in Say Anything (also, that's what my bangs look like in the morning). My jeans are Cheap Monday, the belt is Target, and I really need to just toss those beat-up shoes from Reborn, but I can't seem to bring myself to do it."
The Dish I'm Most Looking Forward To Cooking/Baking: "There are all these insane ramen recipes in the first issue of Lucky Peach that I can't wait to try. Of course, the one I'm most looking forward to making (a cottage cheese dip "infused" with ramen broth seasoning) takes five seconds to make and consists of two ingredients — not including the potato chips."
At The Top Of My Wish-List This Holiday Season: "Someone to deep clean my apartment."
My Fall Beauty Ritual: "Anyone else's skin freaking out right now? It feels both dry and oily at the same time, so I've been oscillating between moisturizing and pore-sucking face masks nearly every other night. I'm sure I'm messing something up though… help, Megan?"