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Don't Visit Dallas Without Hitting These Editor-Fave Spots

You're going to want to add every one of these spots to your list.

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There are plenty of reasons you might find yourself in Dallas. On a business trip, catching a football or basketball game, or whilst on a tour of the state's many must-hit cities. And while it's a bit more under-the-radar as a vacation destination than, say, its younger sister Austin, Dallas has just as much to offer by way of delicious food, rowdy nightlife, and Southern living. That's why this quick-hit video is exploding with top restaurant recommendations, intimate live music venues, and scenic locales for daytime activities (we're talking goat yoga, people). Oh, and not to mention, plenty of outfit inspo (read: lululemon's super comfy Align Pant, all day, every day). Read on for our ultimate vacation guide to Dallas, watch the video for travel-lust inspiration, and get on down to the state where everything's bigger (and, okay, yummier, too).


Biscuits, fried chicken with biscuits, grits... Do we have your attention yet? Good. Because for brunch, you can't miss Rapscallion, and we're here to spread the word.
A coffee spot you'll swing by for your morning brew and end up spending the day in, this welcoming old-school-cabin spot is comfortable and tasty to boot.
Pints & Quarts
A local franchise with multiple locations (and a damn good burger, too), Pints & Quarts is a local must.
Boulevardier boasts one of the largest wine catalogs in town, yet it's small enough to feel like a neighborhood joint. That is, if your neighborhood joint had a raw oyster bar, crazy-good bouillabaisse, and gourmet steak offerings. Plus, some of the friendliest waitstaff we know.
This is a code-red cinnamon-roll alert. We repeat, we're at a code red. Yes, this might seem alarming, but this brunch slash dinner spot — boasting a large dining room and beautiful rooftop — has one of the largest and tastiest cinnamon buns we've ever seen. It can feed 10 people and still won't break the bank.
Lockhart Smokehouse
Come for the ribs; stay for the spicy mac 'n' cheese. This down 'n' dirty BBQ joint has all you'd hope for when heading to Texas.
Saint Ann's
Start with an old school, convert it into a restaurant, and the effect is an upscale environment perfect for happy hour or even the odd special-occasion dinner. There's an outdoor fire pit where you can sit on couches and even a large chess set for some friendly gaming over wine. Pro tip: Don't leave without trying the chocolate cake.
Neighborhood Services
A cozy yet classy steak restaurant that leaves nothing to be desired. There's perfect homemade pasta, too-good tartare, and, of course, a shareable Delmonico steak the size of a plate. Plus, cocktails. Don't forget the cocktails.
Jalisco Norte
While relatively new on the Dallas culinary scene, Jalisco Norte will have no trouble gaining local regulars. If the beautiful outdoor dining area (which feels like a lit-up treehouse) doesn't suit you — or, for some reason, the sleek and well designed bar isn't for you — cozy up in a back room where handcrafted masks line the walls.
Pecan Lodge
When you close your eyes and picture Texas BBQ, what you're seeing is "The Trough" from Pecan Lodge. It's a dish — nay, a tray — of food that can feed seven hungry men. Plus, every bit from the pulled pork to the ribs lives up to the hype.
CBD Provisions
In the bottom of the incredibly chic Joule Hotel, you'll find CBD with its gorgeous open kitchen and oh-so-good dishes to match. Find a seat at the elegant bar before ordering the octopus (or just about any other delectable dish). We promise it won't disappoint.
You might think this local sandwich and salad spot is a simple upscale deli. Well, think again. Downstairs there's so much more than meets the eye. A team of chefs bake homemade bread, craft delicious handmade pasta, and distribute aged meats to restaurants throughout the Dallas area. You can't go wrong with any order, so dive into a few sandwiches — and be sure to share.
Town Hearth
A submarine, vintage car, and dozens upon dozens of chandeliers aren't compulsory ingredients for a fine dining experience. But in the case of Town Hearth, they sure as hell don't hurt either. This special-occasion restaurant is one where the food lives up to the decor.


Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard
A beer hall, but make it fancy. Dot's is an indoor-outdoor taproom with a vastly extensive beer list and one of the largest patio chandeliers we've ever laid eyes on.
Adair's Saloon
A come-as-you-are neighborhood waterhole that makes you feel like a neighbor, too, Adair's boasts live music, a casual vibe, and one of the best burgers in town.
The Bomb Factory
The Bomb Factory is kind of like the Terminal 5 of Dallas and is notorious for some of the best shows in town. You can often find the same bands performing there.
Round-Up Saloon
If karaoke, dance classes, and cheap drinks (and okay, Jell-O shots) aren't enough to get you to this famed gay (but for-all) club, well, I guess we just can't hang out. Because Round-Up is one of those spots we want to post up all. night. long.
Deep Ellum Brewing Company
Take a tour of the gigantic and impressive Deep Ellum Brewing Company where you can get a BTS look at how its delicious brews are made. Then, hang around in the garden to play games and order a second (and third) round.
Midnight Rambler
A speakeasy downstairs at The Joule Hotel, Midnight Rambler feels like stepping back in time to a jazzy era where cocktails are king.
Ping pong, foosball, bowling, llamas. Yes, you read that correctly. Scout — the newly opened and expansive lobby bar at The Statler Hotel — has it all, plus some delicious beverage offerings at that. Make sure to wander downstairs where a gorgeously designed speakeasy can be accessed via phone booth, too.

Daytime Adventures

Dolly Python
An aesthetically awesome vintage store that's split in two. There's loads of well cataloged clothing on one side, featuring threads from every decade, and stalls of knickknacks and antiques on the other side. We'd recommend spending at least an hour on each.
L.A. natives will recognize this insanely curated store featuring up-and-coming designer threads and housewares. Yep, Dallas knows a thing or two about shopping.
Goat Yoga Richardson
Goat Yoga is exactly what you think it's going to be but also so much more. Venture to the backyard studio, and get your stretch on with adorable baby goats. Be forewarned: Some of them wear pajamas, and it's debilitatingly adorable.
Klyde Warren Park
A happy hub for families to picnic, watch impromptu dance performances, and kick back with a popsicle or two.
Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
Dallas' version of the Brooklyn Bridge can be found adjacent to Trinity Grove, a popular retail and restaurant hub. The bridge itself is the real wonder, though. Take your time strolling along on a sunny day for some fresh air and exercise.
The ultimate destination for buying cowboy boots in Dallas, the Lucchese showroom is chock full of made-to-order options as well as out-of-the-box pieces to take home with you when you walk out the door.
Dallas Design District
The Dallas Design District might feel a little sparse, but it's also home to some gigantic antique stores and art galleries that locals love. One such example? Cris Worley's gallery space where you can view and buy contemporary art.
Katy Trail & Katy Trail Ice House
We have it on good authority that famous Dallas athletes frequent Katy Trail, an outdoor park with an extended path for running and biking. We recommend renting one of Dallas' many public bikes and making a day out of it. Treat yourself afterwards with a pit stop at the Katy Trail Ice House.
The Spa at The Joule Hotel
Vacation often means a time to indulge, and boy can you unwind at this top-notch hotel spa. Book a massage and gain access to the sauna, steam room, heated pool, and ice bath.
Forty Five Ten
If Dover Street Market and Bergdorf Goodman had a baby, it would be Dallas' very own department store, Forty Five Ten. It has all the glossy designer finds you'd lust after plus a little tequila tasting area, too. New Yorkers can look forward to the store's second location opening sometime this year.
Reunion Tower
You can't miss this gleaming tower that, at night, looks like Times Square's New Year's Eve ball — all lit up and glittering. By day, it's a perfect viewpoint to see all the city has to offer.
Lilco Letterpress
Keepsakes are a dime a dozen. Why not go home with a beautiful handmade print by a local Dallas artist? At artist Lily Smith's adorable studio, you can watch her make prints and hang out with her dogs and chickens. Win-win.
Dallas Arboretum & Garden
You'll never regret wandering the grounds of an arboretum. It's a great way to add some wildlife to your big-city visit — and learn a thing or two about flowers along the way.
The Sixth Floor Museum
Chilling, educational, and raw, the JFK museum is a must-do for all Dallas visitors. With a marked-off spot where the actual assassination occurred, this book depository turned memorial is for history buffs and newbies alike. Don't leave without reading through the guest log, where hundreds of guests have recounted their own memories of the incident.
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