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See All The Magic Of Bangkok In Just One Minute

Bangkok, Thailand is so much more than just the country's capital. Ahead, we're showing you everything (and everywhere) you need to see in just 60 seconds.

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The capital of Thailand is, simply put, a traveler's dream. An all-night nightlife hub that's also home to some of the most delicious food on Earth, Bangkok is a place of true cultural adventure. And, with convenient routes via Korean Air, it's never been easier to get to this absolute must-visit destination. Of course, we encourage you to see all that Thailand has to offer — from the temples in Chiang Mai to the islands in the South. But first, take a look at the very best things to eat, see, and do in the city that really has it all.

Daytime Adventures

Pak Khlong Talat
Flower lovers will rejoice at the bounty that can be found in this popular market. Get to know the significance of each local flower, and then have fun spotting them on shrines throughout the city.
Photographed by Jack Pearce.
Wat Pho Temple
The reclining Buddha, situated in a park of temples in the heart of the city, is one of Bangkok's main attractions. And for good reason: Aside from the sculpture's impressive, glowing stature, the surrounding shrines are a great place to get lost for the afternoon.
F.A. Group Muay Thai Gym
Muay Thai boxing is a cultural staple, and here, you can train like a real professional. Be prepared to get your sweat on with a real workout from the masters.
137 Pillars Suites & Residences Bangkok
Centrally located yet still tucked away, 137 Pillars in Bangkok is a boutique hotel with all of the amenities and vibes of a major luxury property. The extended rooftop infinity pool is a great place to refresh from the high temps, and the Muay Thai gym and putting range (yes, you read that correctly) offer unique activities you won't find at the average accommodation.


Terminal 21
This highly designed mall includes stores you already recognize alongside local designers worth discovering. One of the best parts? Each floor is decorated like a different major world city. On the basement level, you can shop for Thai ingredients, while on the top floor, you can indulge in the best food court imaginable, full of Thai and Asian specialities at insanely reasonable prices.
The Mall Bangkae
Another beloved mall, The Mall at Bangkae is home to a food court with a wide range of Asian dishes and a rooftop water park for kids.
You'd probably never expect to find such a wide array of eco-friendly, local products at a major city mall, which is why Ecotopia is such a unique find.


100 Mahaseth
Perfect for either lunch or dinner, this filling, meat-heavy restaurant is known for its bone marrow and excellent selection of on-tap local beers.
Thai Lao Yeh at Cabochon Hotel
Really good, really spicy Thai food should be enough of a descriptor to sell most people on this restaurant. If not, consider the thoughtful decor that makes you feel like you've time traveled back to a different era.
Photographed by Jack Pearce.
Rod Fai Train Night Market Srinakarin
Do not sleep on the Bangkok night markets. In fact, if you're not sleeping, that's a perfect excuse to wander through the seemingly endless stalls of street food, cheap wares, and cocktails sold here. It's also mango sticky rice heaven.
Thipsamai Pad Thai
You may think you know what delicious Pad Thai tastes like. That is, until you've been here. Yes, there will be a line around the block (from which you'll smell the wafting aroma of street-side noodles being cooked fresh to order). But trust us, the wait is worth it.
Bo.Lan isn't just a beautiful respite of a restaurant with its charming interiors, it's also home to simply perfect Thai food with something for every palette — especially spice lovers.


Banyan Tree Spa Bangkok
For a traditional massage in a serene setting, Banyan Tree Spa is your spot. Wind down in a petal-filled bath before getting the treatment of your choosing.
Asia Herb Association
This reliable and indulgent (yet affordable) traditional Thai massage franchise will help you get all your knots worked out quickly.


The name of this swanky rooftop cocktail lounge says it all. It's so high up, your head might spin, but that's a small price to pay for some of the best views in town.
Photographed by Jack Pearce.
CRU Champagne Bar
360-degree views make this in-the-sky rooftop bar a must-visit for any and all Champagne lovers. Double points if you can grab a coveted table during sunset. Do note: This spot is dressier than most in Bangkok, so plan in advance.
J. Boroski Mixology
This dark, alley-side speakeasy might not be easy to find, but once you arrive, you'll cozy up for hours on end. Tell the bartender what you're craving, and he'll whip up a drink especially for you.
Insanity Nightclub
Listen, a place called "Insanity Nightclub" isn't for every kind of traveler. But if you're looking to party in Bangkok, this spot is a sure bet for lasers and smoke and a DJ that will keep you dancing all night long.
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