10 Adults & What They Sleep With

Did you know that November is National Sleep Comfort Month? Probably not, as it's one of those "holiday months" of mysterious origin — Sealy Mattress Company, we have our suspicions. But, whatever the origin, the focus this month should be on getting comfy and sleeping in (at least once in a while).
A "comfort object," also known as a "transitional object," can help kids self-soothe when they're stressed out. However, sometimes — and perhaps more often than we think — children never really let go of these "comfort objects" and continue to sleep with them well into adulthood. While there are no exact numbers on how prevalent this phenomenon is, one decidedly unscientific study (conducted by hotel chain Travelodge) found that of the 6,000 surveyed British adults, 35% still slept with a stuffed animal.
So, keeping that blankie or stuffed ghost around into your 20s might not be so odd. Ahead, we ask 10 R29ers what brings them comfort as they fall asleep. The items range from the technological to the plush, and we reveal the stories behind their bedtime companions.

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