Subway Riders Chop Onions, Mold Clay Heads, What’s Next?

We can't decide what's more bizarre subway behavior — chopping onions on a BYO cutting board or molding fellow passengers heads out of clay. Either way these two totally over-the-top acts are just a couple of examples of the bizarreness that goes on underground. And they don't half-ass it, either. The artist, (Peter Bulow, a psychiatrist up at Columbia), has already sculpted 400 heads, while the "chef" has chopped those onions for up to 12 minutes (as evidenced by a subway-cam). That said, it's been told that the onion-chopper was staging an act to elicit a reaction from fellow riders, and while this might make it a bit more normal the question still stands — what gives? Are we subject to an art show/ performance/ sculpt-a-thon every time we stand clear of the closing doors? Either way, I guess we don't have a choice, we're just, uh, along for the ride... (Gothamist) and (Animal New York)

Photo: Via Gothamist

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