3 Beauty Treatments You Will NOT Believe

For years, we have done strange things to our bodies in the name of beauty. Bu as today's trends prove, from ultra-popular nails art to press-on lip tattoos to questionably colored hair — bizarre beauty is having a major moment. Yet, is too much weird a good thing? We tested out three offbeat options in Miami and gave you the lowdown on where to get a little experimental. But beware: Some of these options are really, truly bizarre. Can you handle it?
Chalked Hair
Dip-dye hair is de rigueur these days, but if you desire a less permanent and less damaging look, try gone-in-a-day hair chalking or colored hair extensions. “Think of hair chalking as makeup for the mane — once you wash or even shake out the chalky color from your hair, it’s gone,” says Salon Vaso hairstylist Natalia Mejia. “If you want a bolder effect, we can always dye hair extensions any color you want and you can take them off whenever you want,” Mejia adds.
Salon Vaso, 1500 Alton Road, Second Floor, Miami Beach; 305-674-7470.
Photo: Courtesy of Maria Tettamanti
Scalpel Facial
Move over placenta facials (ew), the latest in squirm-inducing beauty procedures involves a scalpel. Known as derma planing, this treatment involves holding a surgical blade to the skin at a 45-degree angle and stroked along the dermis, kind of like shaving. Dead skin cells and hair are sloughed off, and when followed up with a peel, extractions, a dry-ice application, and moisturizer — the skin is left luminous, taut and smooth. “My patients are positively obsessed with the Micro Peel Facial, as it’s entirely result-driven,” Dr. Andrea Trowers says.
Andrea Trowers Dermatology, 1801 N.E. 123 Street, Suite 417, North Miami; 305-899-2511.
Photo: Courtesy of Maria Tettamanti
Cupcake Nails
Hamburgers, pizza, sushi, popcorn — oh my! Food fingernail art is funky and fun, and a tradition we dig here at R29. Aesthetician Ginger Nguyen at Salon Vaso can bake up a batch of cute-as-a-cupcake nails in a snap (and these treats won’t widen thou waistline). Nguyen says, “I can paint it all — the crazier the better!” We love where her head’s at, natch.
Salon Vaso, 1500 Alton Road, Second Floor, Miami Beach; \305-674-7470.
Photo: Courtesy of Maria Tettamanti

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