Is This New Wedding Trend Really Necessary?

Alimay Events an NYC-based event production company founded by two former glossy vets, Ali Schajer and and Maya Katz — specializes in organizing pure chaos. So, who better to call upon with our most challenging wedding etiquette queries? This week, the ladies help us decide whether or not you really need a wedding website.
Dear Alimay, Do I really have to build a wedding website? — Old School
Dear Old School, Believe us, we feel your pain. A wedding website might not seem like the most classical route to take. Do we think that Prince William and Kate Middleton had a wedding website? Uh, no! Fear not, brides, you have more options than you might realize — none of which require creating a website that plays Michael Bublé while the masses learn of your love story.
First of all, if you do decide to make one, your site only needs to be as tricked out as you wish to make it. Love the idea of sharing embarrassing anecdotes for each one of your bridesmaids? This might be your perfect creative outlet. Dread the thought of sharing your “how we met story” with the general public? Then, skip it! There’s nothing wrong with keeping the “we met on OKCupid” story to yourself — or sharing it! Do what you want! In short, your website is what you make of it. It does, however, have a quite a few logistical perks that are worth considering.
It can be hugely beneficial to treat your site as a wedding information hub, especially if the majority of your guests are coming in from out of town. Instead of your 250 attendees bothering you for local recommendations in the final days leading up to (or day of!) the wedding, guests can simply look to your website. You would be shocked by the number of distant-but-not-that-distant relatives who think it’s completely acceptable to text the bride on the day of the wedding to find a great local breakfast spot.
In the case that most of your guests are local and/or are familiar with the area, a website is not entirely a must. We do, however, see it as a fun way to get your guests excited for the big day, as well as help them plan for when they are in town. Many popular wedding websites are set up to work multiple angles of your wedding — managing RSVPs, the registry, frequently asked questions, and any other inquiries that your guests may have. By building a wedding website, you might just cut down on your own workload or stressers on your big day.
It’s important to take a step back and consider all of your options. Just remember: Not all wedding websites are created equally. With the bridal industry in the throes of a digital boom comes a huge amount of selection. Our pick? We opt for WeddingJoJo or Wix —both sites with fun templates and different packages. Now, get clicking!
Yours always, Ali & Maya
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