Finally! A Pair Of Khakis To Hide That Cumbersome Weapon Of Yours

You're looking for a summer trouser but oh no! what about that pesky gun? We all know it's just so impossible to find the room to store weapons in skinny jeans. Enter Woolrich, the 182-year old brand with a new chino made especially for you weapon-wearers out there. Not that we're recommending concealed fire arms, AT ALL, but in case you're curious, in the state of New York, "A license may be granted to an applicant who is of good moral character, who is over 21 years of age, and who has not been convicted of a serious offense." This means the NYC streets could potentially be cluttered with khakis concealing glocks in secret pockets. And Woolrich's $65 pair isn't the only sartorial move in this aggressively defensive direction. Various brands have begun designing clothing to make fire arms more convenient — Under Armour will soon be issuing shirts with velcro pockets for easy weapon access. Sure, these gun garments aren't for everyone, but as one Nordstrom salesman put it to the New York Times, concealed-carry enthusiasts should "Dress for the gun. Not for the fashion." Indeed. (New York Times) (USA Carry)
Photo: Via The New York Times

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