Summer Isn’t Over Until You Make These Watermelon-Slice Vodka Shots

Whether we like it or not, summer is officially coming to a close. But that doesn't mean we're prepared to let our favorite season go without a serious send-off. Case in point: these delicious and refreshing watermelon-slice Smirnoff shots. Whip them up for your end-of-summer shindig — or any time you're in the mood, really — and soak in those sweet, sunshiney vibes just a little bit longer.
Watermelon-Slice Vodka Shots
Serves 10
1 small/mini watermelon, halved lengthwise
2 boxes (3 oz each) strawberry gelatin
1 box unflavored gelatin (1 oz)
2 cups Smirnoff Sourced Watermelon Vodka
Juice of 1 lime
1. Scoop the flesh from the halved watermelon, leaving a 1/4-inch border.
2. Puree the watermelon in a blender, and then strain through a sieve.
3. Place 3 cups juice in a small saucepan (save the rest for another use!); heat over medium until hot but not simmering. Then remove saucepan from heat.
4. In a small bowl, whisk together strawberry and unflavored gelatins.
5. Add gelatin to pot with juice, and stir until gelatin is dissolved. Also stir in vodka and lime juice.
6. Place watermelon halves on paper-towel-lined plates and fill with gelatin mixture.
7. Carefully transfer to refrigerator and let gelatin mixture set 6 hours or overnight.
8. Slice with a very sharp knife and serve immediately!
Please drink responsibly.
SMIRNOFF SOURCED WATERMELON Flavored Vodka. 30% Alc/Vol. The Smirnoff Co., Norwalk, CT.

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