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5 Hacks For A Healthier Week — Feb 16 2015

You might be more hydrated than you think. The eight glasses of water per day rule, is actually a myth stemming from a misreading of a 1945 study. Of course you should still be hydrating, but the 64-ounces of water recommendation has been replaced with the Food and Nutrition Board’s 2004 directive which reminds us that the water we get from food contributes to our daily hydration. Binge-watching TV just got healthy-ish. By standing up regularly, and setting a timer so you don't watch too much TV, your next marathon could be much better for your body. (Shape) Don't be fooled, "pasture-raised" is a common but potentially meaningless term on your groceries. Since there is no verification system proving that something is “pasture-raised” and the USDA has no definition for it, you could be paying extra for something that isn't even true. Here's a quick list on how to read food labels and what other common terms actually mean. (Well and Good) Great news for people who don't normally sleep well — naps are good for you. New research suggests that, a nap will definitely make you feel more awake after a bad night's sleep, and it could also reverse some effects of stress. The health benefits of moderate drinking might be over exaggerated. A new analysis found little to no health benefit linked to alcohol consumption after the results were adjusted for a range of personal, social, economic and lifestyle factors. "The potential benefits of alcohol must be weighed against the increased risk of cancer, liver disease and other illnesses associated with drinking" says study author Craig Knott. He recommends drinkers moderate the amount they consume and non-drinkers remain abstinent. (Health)

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