The Walking Dead Recap: Crazy Cheese, Dr. Mullet, & Michonne’s New Shirt

walking-threePhoto by Gene Page/AMC.
"I'm Sergent Abraham Ford." What is one to think of a giant ginger who pulls rank after the presumptive dissolution of the military and is named after not one but two U.S. presidents (and a presidential assassin)? This guy enjoys killing walkers and, therefore, Walker World. If he's the Governor 2.0, then he represents a change in The Walking Dead universe. This isn't just a guy surviving in the apocalypse; he's found his bliss. Naturally, it's people like him — and psychopathic school kids like Lizzy — who will inherit this crappy, new earth. We can expect more of them as our characters continue to spread out into the world.
More importantly, the rise of these apocalypse lovers means that our group (and the Governor) represent an old guard — people who want recreate the world as it was. Who knows what the next-gen survivors will bring us. We mean, they seem perfectly happy to kill each other for dibs on the most comfortable bed in the house. Interesting.
Again, Carl is becoming a man, which apparently involves being tired (boy howdy) and not enjoying Michonne's Crazy Cheese™ antics. She, meanwhile, continues to open up her past and her heart, something represented by her new, crisp white shirt. Both suit her. Their little-brother-big-sister friendship is also a nice development, given that they're both mourning the loss of babies — though it does leave at least one unanswered question. Is a hallway a room? Very philosophical.
walking3_2.jpgPhoto by Gene Page/AMC.
Glenn and Tara, meanwhile, are traveling ever farther from the group thanks to the Sarge, Rosita, and Dr. Mullet. These army hotshots say they're on a mission to "fix the whole damn world," which is odd because they seem like the only people we've run across in The Walking Dead who, as we said, seem quite suited to the way things are. Right now, we don't believe a word of it. First, real soldiers don't wear hot pants. Second, real professors who can save the world don't have mullets (even though he seems to shoot like a real professor).
Glenn certainly doesn't believe them. Based on his assessment, he thinks there's a better chance he'd find Maggie than these guys would save the world. Then again, they could be good guys, which would make Glenn a horribly selfish person. Our theory, Sarge has been seduced into believing in the cause by the evil Dr. Mullet, who's not a scientist but just a guy in cargo shorts. Never trust a guy in cargo shorts.
Oh, and, yes, we're loving Tara more by the minute. In a less enlightened time, men would call her a "firecracker." Let's call her a grenade instead. We're wondering if her combined neediness and strength is going to blow back on Glenn.
Finally, there's something interesting about the way Rick's been progressing after his beat down by the Gov. The man who was once the big decider (apologies to George W. Bush) is now all wishy-washy, content to wait for a decision to come to him, and, quite literally, hides under the bed when danger comes a'calling. Sure, he doesn't hesitate to kill that guy on the toilet (who was apparently relieving himself with the seat down and his pants up, thank you basic cable). Now that his team is headed to the mysterious Terminus, maybe it's time he find his purpose again before he runs into more next-gen threats.

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