Virgo Season Is Here & Your Life Is Going To Feel A Bit Different

Photographed by Megan Madden.
If you’ve been wanting some grounding energy after the fiery vibes of Leo season, then your dreams are now answered. The period between August 23 to September 23 will bring the earthy days of “Virgo’s Groove” to us all. Get ready to embrace the analytical and intellectual vibes the month has to offer. After all, Virgos rule the world (there are more Virgos on earth than any other sign) — so we should lean into their humble, industrious, hardworking and compassionate nature.
This Virgo season will be a little different than past seasons have been, as we are wrapping up retrogrades and beginning other planetary backspins. Mercury retrograde begins the same day Virgo season begins (this astrological aspect is going to affect us the most since Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo). The nostalgic smell of No. 2 pencils and the sight of the leaves changing color will motivate us to reconnect with our past as we’re reminded of our school days, as well as the old friends who were a major part of them. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde will make us super emotional and less grounded at this time. 
The end of the month marks the beginning of autumn, which means that this is our moment to honor the dog days of summer and have one last pool party with friends before the seasonal chill of fall sets in. Connect with former crushes and loves, old pals, family members you haven’t seen in a while… Most importantly, spend time getting to know yourself on a deeper basis and ignite past passion projects. 

Important astrological dates for Virgo Season: 

August 23: The Sun enters Virgo, bringing productivity and pragmatism to the forefront of our daily lives.
August 23: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo commences in the afternoon, lasting until September 14. Communication and confusion will ensue in the upcoming weeks, allowing us to explore ways of addressing these issues when Mercury turns direct.
August 27: Mars enters Libra, pushing us to be less confrontational and demanding when it comes to matters of the heart and going after what we want.
August 27: The Virgo Sun opposes Saturn retrograde in Pisces, hindering our confidence. Give yourself a pep talk to acknowledge your greatness.
August 28: Uranus retrograde in Taurus starts on this day and ends January 27, 2024. The path to change and growth takes time. Have patience with yourself and others as they evolve on their own timeline. 
August 30: The Super Blue Moon in Pisces is the second Full Moon of the month. It’s urging us to commit to what we love and appreciate what or what supports us the most.
September 3: Venus turns direct in Leo, ending the retrograde story that began on July 22. Now, we can clear up relationship drama and financial issues that have been going on. 
September 4: Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus kicks off and wraps up on December 3, urging us to take calculated risks before we jump into projects, investments, and partnerships. 
September 6: The Sun and Mercury retrograde connect in Virgo, creating the astrological aspect called “cazimi” (translated to mean “in the heart of the Sun”). This is the best day of Mercury retrograde to make plans and sign contracts. Use it to your advantage. 
September 8: The Virgo Sun and Jupiter retrograde in Taurus link up, bringing positivity to our auric field. 
September 14: The New Moon in Virgo helps us to define our dreams in a realistic way that pushes our visions to come to fruition.
September 15: The Virgo Sun and Uranus retrograde in Taurus helps us embrace our truest selves when they link up in the cosmos. 
September 14: Mercury turns direct in Virgo, ending the planetary backspin that began on August 23. The understanding and healing process from the retrograde begins on this day. 
September 19: The Virgo Sun juxtaposes Neptune retrograde in Pisces, bringing paranoias and phobias to the surface. Face your fears in order to stop them from holding you back. 
September 21: The Virgo Sun harmonizes with Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, giving us the stamina and desire to succeed in every endeavor.
September 23: Virgo season ends. Time to welcome in Libra vibes and the autumnal equinox. 

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