Last Chance To Peep Vice’s Photo Show

The annual launch of Vice Magazine's coffee-table sized photo issue and week-long exhibition has totes become one of our guilty pleasures. This year, the unabashedly grimy, hip-kid publication decided to change things up a bit, with a photo show that is completely unlike the thick-paged, glossy issue. You've got one more day to hop the subway to our delightful hood of Tribeca to catch a glimpse at this year's exhibit titled "The Torture Never Stops." Presented by Scion audio visual group, the show features over 200 photographs from Cali-born camera-man Jerry Hsu. Since the pro-skater-turned-photog's images already practically cover the pages of Vice, the editors decided to throw out tradition and give the man his own show. So, gather your homies and peep the exhibition because Hsu hand-picked the photos himself, with a little help from Vice's Editor-in-Chief, Jesse Pearson, of course.
Since you'll probably find yourself yearning for more Vice eye-candy, pick up a free copy of the 2010 photo issue right at the exhibit. This year's issue is devoted exclusively to still-life photography, featuring 94 photographers from all over the world. As a modern take on an art form that is probably older than the caveman, the magazine is actually more like a book. Happy Reading.

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