This Is Our Jam: Veronica Falls, "Teenage"

Veronica Falls has the luxury of playing a genre that can be repeated ad nauseum without anyone complaining about it sounding retro or redundant; nostalgia is such a part of the indie-pop experience that innovation would largely defeat its purpose. Playing music this specifically defined, though, has its own hazards — the largest being that you have to do it really well for anyone to pay attention.
Good thing "Teenage," from the London-based four-piece's new album Waiting For Something To Happen (out February 12 via Slumberland) is doing just that. While listeners heralded 2011's self-titled effort as having supposedly dark, occasionally spooky undertones (something that, in our opinion, wasn't even really true to begin with), Veronica Falls' gift is taking the sounds of C86 twee and making them catchier, sweeter, and more overtly wide-eyed. Even for a song called "Teenage," the band surprises by its mix of melancholy and naiveté, where a few "whoa-oh-ohs" and a "carved your name in a cherry tree" become weapons of youthful sentimentality. It's emotion over innovation in the best possible way.
Veronica Falls—Waiting For Something To Happen
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