Link Love: Van Beirendonck's Bear, Boss Burkhas, and a Cleaning Them Closets

amlinks-0119Finally, someone's produced a burkha we can wear when running a 10k. Praise Allah. (What's Wrong With the Zoo)
Hey, anyone need a giant bear cabinet? Email Walter van Van Beirendonck. (Highsnobiety)
Naturally, the police showed to Kate Moss' birthday party—twice. (My Fashion Life)
Ease into the week with a lovely design tour courtesy of the editors of New York (The Cut)
Dame Anna Wintour deigns to take questions from an audience of the great unwashed about at the gathering of mere, lowly mortals know as Sundance. (Gawker)
São Paulo Fashion Week ends with a runway turn by one of Brazil's favorite transgendered models. She looks great… but you can always tell by the hands. (HuffPo)
Sometimes, hope comes in the form of a t-shirt. (Cool Hunting)
With all that time in your apartment hiding from the cold, it's the perfect moment to get your closet in order. (Fashion Tribes)
Ready your mind and your eyes for Paris Couture Week. (The Fashion Spot)
Speaking of which, Gareth Pugh is gearing up for his first season in the City of Lights. (Guardian UK)

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