San Jose Tops List Of Cities With Longest Lifespans

Something must be in the water down there in San Jose. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control, and, oddly enough, The Daily Beast, the Bay Area city has topped the list of U.S. cities with the longest lifespans. Woop! It seems the male citizens live an average of 79.2 years and the females for 82.9 years. San Francisco, on the other hand, came in at a still-admirable eighth place (our males live an average of 75.9 years and women 82.5 years); Oakland came in 15th. The results were picked up by a reporter at CBS Local, who asked a tourist about the results: “I’m not surprised people live longer because it’s so laid-back,” the San Jose tourist suggested. “It’s relaxed.” Pretty much. And that goes for all of California, really, with the state registering the most spots on the top 20 list. Peep the top 10 below, and check out the rest of the list at this link.

1. San Jose: 79.2 (males); 82.9 (females)

2. Honolulu: 77.7 (males); 83.2 (females)
3. Anaheim: 78.1 (males); 82.3 (females)
4. Bridgeport, Connecticut: 77.4 (males); 82.1 (females)
5. Seattle: 77.5 (males); 81.9 (females)
6. Madison, Wisconsin: 77.4 (males); 81.9 (females)
7. Aurora, Colorado: 77.6 (males); 81.4 (females)
8. San Francisco: 75.9 (males); 82.5 (females)
9. Minneapolis: 77.0 (males); 81.7 (females)
10. Boise: 76.9 (males); 81.65 (females)

Photo: IMDB

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