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8 Kitschy-Cool Gift Ideas For Your Most Eclectic Friend

As easy as it is to gift a candle and call it a day, a really great present should, obviously, take factors like the recipient’s personality or interests or ~aesthetic~ into account. It’s Gifting 101. But when the giftee has a propensity for the eclectic, often surrounding themselves with items that are either obscure or downright groovy, it makes hunting down the right gift as difficult as aiming for a bullseye...blindfolded. In other words, impossible. 
Which is why we’ve teamed up with Urban Outfitters, the purveyor of all things kitsch and cool, and plucked eight products, including color-clashing flannel, flower-embroidered cords, technicolor puffers, and pastel-tinted swirl glass lamps, that your zaniest, most unpredictable friend will love. Ahead, shop these out-of-the-box ideas now.

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