How About Being A Socialite For Halloween?

It's possible that you don't take car service everywhere you go (and therefore, do not wear bare legs and strappy heels in the dead of winter, à la those society page fixtures who always make us wonder). But on Halloween, with all of the crazy going down in the streets, maybe it's the right time for a little splurge.
If you want to dress up for Halloween as a "lady of mystery" or a "socialite" or "internet celebrity, Julia Allison," we think a Town Car plus driver is your ultimate accessory. And luckily, car service Uber has brought a whole fleet of drivers to our fair city to help you out. You can book a car using their iPhone or Android apps, pay online (or through the app), and wait as little as 10 minutes before you're on your way. They charge a $7 base fare, plus $3.50 per mile, plus another $0.85 per minute. Not too bad, right?
Plus, on Halloween night, you can share your costume pic within their app, and enter yourself to win $100 credit for your next ride. New Year's Eve, anyone?
Photo: Courtesy of Uber

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