Typography Nerds: Get Your Geek On, On the Go

Design nerds and "typeheads" everywhere possessing iPhones—you have a reason to rejoice! No longer will you be gliding along the Bedford Avenues of the world on your fixed-gears brooding over that sweet font you spotted scrolled across the vegan pizzeria awning—or was it the community-owned feminist art space? Argh! So frustrating. Killbot Collective's latest innovation, Typeplace, gives users the ability capture, share, and map real-life examples of typography with their iPhone camera and a nifty geotagging feature. Users' photos can also be fed into their Twitter and Facebook feeds, and can even earn "rewards" badges and certificates for their contributions. Font freaks can get their geeked-out swag on for only $0.99 USD at iTunes. (Springwise)

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