Are Resumés Becoming Obsolete? “Twitterviews” Would Have Us Think So

It turns out that one of our favorite social-media platforms, Twitter (besides potentially being a total weight-loss asset), has now become our BFF in the job-search arena, as well. According to ABC, numerous tech, media, and marketing companies are said to be throwing the old-fashioned resumé and cover letter to the wind in favor of “Twitterviews.” Yep, believe it or not, that just became a thing.
Forget the in-person (you know, IRL) interview, because a Twitterview goes like this: A company will tweet out an interview question and expect you to tweet back a response in 140 characters or less. Based on the response, it is then determined if you are a suitable applicant. So, what do you think, are alternative, social-media based “interview” tactics like this more or less effective than traditional resumés and cover letters? Spill below! (ABC)

Photo: Via Twitter

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