Twitter Troll: Under-Stair Beds, Ali Michael's Curse, And The Weakest Kickball Game, Ever

theselby: "Check out the beds under the stairs at Wieden+Kennedy Portland it reminds me of lazlo in Real Genius" Or Harry Potter, if he was a rich hip kid living in Oregon.
alimichael: "I seem to only need a taxi when every single one in my general vicinity is "off duty." karma or coincidence I'll never know" It's like the line outside the Halal cart by our office is always short, except when we're in the mood for some curry.
katespadeny: "we've been challenged by some of the @MuseumModernArt team to a kickball game in central park. cocktail rings off, game faces on." Fashion vs. Art: The most gentle kickball game, ever.
Terry_World: "Photo: ERECTIONS GUARANTEED" Something you'd expect Terry Richardson to tweet, but kind of not something you'd expect to end up with.
fordmodels: "Going to the newsstand. Anyone want anything?" Only if you do home deliveries.

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