Twitter Troll: The Ugly Burden, Wang Threats, And Unseasonable Goods

henryholland: "New glasses." Are they to improve your night (at the club) vision?
MissKellyO: "if people just said what they were thinking instead of be passive aggressive it would make my working environment so much more enjoyable!" Because Tweeting ambiguously about "people" isn't passive aggressive at all.
ElizandJames: "Surrounded by amazing blazers and sweaters for fall '10 and it's 93 degrees... #fashiongirlproblems" Crank up the AC, fall fashions are too fun to wait for.
iamamayzing: "dont touch the wang" That's a serious sample sale threat.
FlauntMagazine: "...I know what a burden it can be to have someone ugly around..." It's not nice to talk about your interns that way Flaunt.

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