Twitter Troll: The Mists of Rodarte, the House of Snuggie, and Carine Uses the Port-a-Pots

mrjoezee: " - Here's the dry ice mist scene at Rodarte. Made my ankles cold." Rodarte, hurrying the onset of winter already? Heaven forfend!
cutblog: " The entire crowd at the Snuggie fashion show. A whole 12 ppl including us. Three photogs. Very exclusive. #nyfw" What! It's already over? We couture-ed our Snuggies just for the occasion, and we missed the show? Feeling worse than a Rachel Zoe locked out of Marc Jacobs.
racked: "Omg editor spotting: Carine Roitfeld coming out of the porta-potties after the Brian Reyes show! #nyfw" Proof positive that French Voguettes are still mere mortals.
womensweardaily: "At Rodarte, model Jamie Bochert shares her fashion week prep: "I eat a lot of donuts from Bathazar --chocolate, pistachio and sugar." #nyfw" Fashion Week is a time for coveting: clothes, makeup, jewelry ... and now, baked goods.
vmagazine: "Headed to Rodarte...just realized haven't ate in 2 it almost over?" Let's make a deal, V. We'll tackle Jamie Bochert, bogart those donuts and then we can share!
fuggirls: "Should I be horrified or delighted that Ron Jeremy is at Fashion Week? Can I be both? - H" Well, he's no ShamWow dude.
RobertVerdi: "in the front row at badgley mischka... the models are so young some of them need their placenta wiped off" We retire our funny hats for today, Robert Verdi. You win.
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