Twitter Troll: The Facehunter Waxes Poetic, Gabanna’s Giovanna Jab, and Baby Clothes to Make You Puke

stefanogabbana: "Giovanna Battaglia after the nap!" Stefano—mean!
facehunter: "The sky in Perth is even bluer than Twitter's logo." This is as poetic as the Internet gets, folks.
dizzyblazeberg: "Does anyone know a chic baby clothes shop in LA? I have to get a friend a present and I want something so cute I throw up when I see it." May we suggest Lily Puke-itzer?
bryanboy: "OH EM GEE! What happened to the Love Magazine blog?" Upon looking at the Terms of Service page, we've narrowed the answer down to two possible alternatives: Either all the editors are under 13, or they were posting fashion LIES (perhaps Tavi is actually a 58 year old man living in Chelsea?). Either would be hilarious—we're waiting with bated breath for the revelation.
carolhan: "The video from YSL Parisienne masquerade is up! Look for your cameo!" Aww, guess who makes their debuts at 0:42?

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