Twitter Troll: The Deep Freeze, 3 Day Workweeks, and We Employ A Wine Taster

cutblog: "Danner footwear sues Rag & Bone for copyright infringement" We might not know a lot about litigation, but if we're basing the whole thing on looks, shouldn't Doc Martens be suing everyone?
kelleyhoffman: "Writing secrets and soho house appointing me official hot toddy taste tester. Less lemon more cinnamon people" Our contributor Kelley is not only good at writing and being awesome, she's also got the palate for warm winter wines.
cmbenz: "I wish all work weeks were 3 days ... I get more done knowing there's only 3 than knowing there's 5. Also, I'm good at math." If Chris Benz gets a petition for a 3 day workweek, we'll be the first to sign it.
tessbrokaw: "So cold out can't tell if people are wearing balaclavas or swine flu masks." Someone for the love of god make balaclavas chic. We're starting to consider joining a underground militant troupe just so we can warm our faces in style.
facehunter: "I've forgot that -8°C is actually bearable." We're speechless. And pansies.
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