Twitter Troll: Skanx, Bieber Biopics, And Zac Posen's "Home"

Zac_Posen: "This is my home. Welcome to the Atelier." And here's ours!
samantharonson: "I love it when facebook decides to change my settings. Now I get all the event invitations that I plan on ignoring straight to my phone. Yay" Just wait until it starts showing up outside your apartment after a night of drinking.
AskMrMickey: "I want to invent a crotchless version of Spanx and call them Skanx. I just think up clever ideas all day long. I'm relentless." A true feat—the least-sexy sexy underwear.
thecobrasnake: "I was going to get you a new friend @jessejoblue but he was to big for my suitcase" We've heard that raptors have been known to travel in packs (or, packages...delivered by FedEx).
vanityfairmag: "Pre-Ordering for Tickets to the New 3-D Justin Bieber Biopic Cannot Begin Soon Enough" o.O

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