Twitter Troll: Shopping Workouts, Classy Women, And Controversy Over Couture Week

chrissiemiller: "@derekblasberg you are sooo gettting on @oprah before me. Shitballs." "Exception advice from the extremely modern woman." We're assuming "sexting etiquette" makes an appearance somewhere?
cutblog: "Free workout with purchase: best study ever finds shopping to be healthy exercise" Forgo that gym membership and just sign up for a Bloomingdale's frequent spender's card!
Modelinia: "You're not the only one giving back to #Haiti. A supermodel just donate $1.5 million to those in need --" Brava, Gisele. Please check out our list of 5 Haiti earthquake relief charities to donate your money and resources to.
trucnguyen: "Must suck for the real editors there! RT @likethebutter RT @themoment: Pop is flying the teen blogger Tavi to cover the Paris couture shows." What's with all the Tavi jealousy on Twitter? From our point of view, getting to write honest, smart reviews about fashion for an established magazine makes someone a real fashion journalist. Kudos for doing it at a fraction of everyone else's age, too.
fiercegrandma: "Just saying: while many in fashion are un/under-educated, Tavi still shouldn't be allowed to miss school for fashion shows" We once skipped a week of school to go perform with a chamber music group in Italy, and though we spent the rest of the month catching up on schoolwork we missed, that experience was more valuable than anything we could have learned in social studies that week.
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