Twitter Troll: Scary Halloweens, Two-Toned Hair, And Hanuk's Upstager

vmagazine Gearing up for Ryan McNamara and Robert Gellers collab for MOVE! at MoMA PS1" We're still loving two-toned hair. The chinstrap, we're not so sure about.
AnOtherMagazine: "Chilling anonymous Halloween photographs by Ossian Brown, introduction by @David_Lynch ..." We were looking forward to having a fun halloween, now we're just scared...
hanukhanuk: "while walking milan, blue nose pitbull, 26 people shouted out "good looking dog!" "what about me?" i said. scared few people." We'd be upset if 26 Milanese thought a pit bull was prettier than us too!
dailycandy: "Roger Sterling, published author:" Mad Men fiction from TV's favourite silver fox.
amyodell: "A lot of wedding dresses just look like underwear." Where are you doing your wedding dress shopping, Amy?

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