Twitter Troll: Rodarte Cakes, Oreos Up the Nose, and the Sweet Sound of Painful Screaming

WhoWhatWear: " - Look at what our intern @amanda_luvaj made for the WWW team's bday celebration: a Rodarte-inspired Dolly Cake!" And to think that we were proud of our slice-'n'-bake cookies we frosted with "Chanel Jade Green"
Jess_Stam: "Have you ever laughed so hard that you snorted double stuffed oreo?" Double-stuffed? No. But the single stuff, though, we believe so. We've got delicate sinuses.
harleyvnewton: "The guy next to me on the plane is playing online poker and getting really angry. And his player icon is his face superimposed onto a panda." Card panda doesn't have the same ring of ferocity as card shark, now does it...
beckadiamond: "I like the sound of you rolling in the broken glass" Well, baby, we like the sound of you going "AAAAH AAAH AAAAAAAAAAAHH," too!
allplaidout: "Because, when you think "dry cleaning" you think "bow tie."" Obvi.
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