Twitter Troll: Radcliffe The Count, Rhianna's Neck Tattoo, And Kelly O's Hairpray Mess-Up

JustJared: "Daniel Radcliffe Covers 'Out' September 2010: Daniel Radcliffe cover Out magazine's September..." Is it just us, or does Daniel look like a flesh-and-bones version of The Count from Sesame Street?
fuggirls: "My next prediction: Dancing With The Stars will go after Bristol Palin. -H" Knowing that family, Bristol will probably go after Dancing With The Stars.
INTERMIX: "Rhi in ALC. Has anyone EVER looked this chic on their way to the tattoo parlor to have their neck tattooed?" Cute pic, but we're way more interested in the neck tattoo part of that tweet.
MissKellyO: "i cant believe i did it again i just sprayed hairspray under my armpit i was not paying attention and grabbed thr wrong bottle!! fuuuuuuck" You did it again?
glamour_fashion: "ashley olsen says she'd love to see michelle obama wear something from the row. "it's all made in america, so why not?" she tells bazaar" A First Lady in The Row? Fingers crossed!

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