Twitter Troll: Posh Thieves, Bacon Wars, and Joe Zee Discovers Chic Patchwork

VogueParisLive: " - Maquillage de fête, par Hanafi de Make Up For Ever." We don't parlez français very well (obviously), but how do you say "Wtf is that frosted lipstick!?" in French?
mrjoezee: "Frothy pink delights (think super chic Barbie) and the best patchwork I have ever seen, all at Oscar de la Renta's prefall!" We could have sworn that Joe was attending the OsKosh B'Gosh show until the very end of his tweet.
ELLEUK: "Thieves steal Victoria Beckham's dresses" Some prefer cash, other jewels, but it takes a special kind of thief to attempt stealing body-con dresses at knifepoint.
AggyDeyn: "American bacon is shyte!" Offended!
Jess_Stam: "Hypothetically if I were to get a dog, what should I call her?" We're not sure about yours, but our hypothetical puppy is called Woofinery.
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