Twitter Troll: NPR Streams Lady Killer, Snooki Rocks Slippers, And Heidi "Researches" At Strip Clubs

daisylowe: " - @henryholland for linda farrow!!! genius!!!!" This is a collaboration we can get behind. Love those deep-green shades!
fuggirls: "This will end badly. - J RT @PopEater Heidi Montag to research for her music video at....get this...strip clubs" HAHAHAHAHA.
InterviewNews: "NPR is streaming Cee-Lo Green's new album, The Lady Killer, in its entirety. A week before its release! Go!" Awesome! We've had "Fuck You" stuck in our head for weeks. Great song, but it may lead to undesirable miscommunication when sung aloud in the streets, so be warned.
Sn00ki: "Walkin my lil fuzzball" Funny, we see two fuzzballs in the photo.
grimmers: "I WANNA DO KARAOKE NOW. (Probs go for Bug A Boo)" Nobody's stopping you. Belt that Destiny's Child!

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