Twitter Troll: Mullets For Teens, Cakes On Monday, And Terry The Furry

openingceremony: "Furry Terry!" One pervy Terry fetish at a time, please.
evachen212: "I just got a PR pitch about the "modern day mullet." um. no. @teen_vogue will not be doing a MULLET story!!!! sigh. what is wrong with ppl." Mullets could be the perfect look for back to school, classroom in the front, entertaining-the-person-in-the-row-behind-you in the back.
AskMrMickey: "I'm in a 'let's make shit happen' kind of a mood today." We hear laxatives can help with that, Mr Mickey.
derekblasberg: "For the past week I have had an insatiable urge to take hip hop dance classes. I blame @MrJoeZee and the summer of #Glee reruns." Can we be there for when this goes down?
Topshop_tweets: "There's nothing like a piece of cake to brighten up a Monday afternoon!" Case of the Mondays? How about sweetening it up with a case of cakes?

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