Twitter Troll: Models On Chatroulette, Cardboard Fashion, And Teen Vogue Staffers Get Avatar-ed

katespadeny: "The magic of blue screen. This is our first time shooting on it. Can you guess what is happening?" Ooh, we like this game. Sitting sidesaddle on a camel?
bryanboy: "just got back from the corner and bought **FAKE** french fries in a bag called "Andy Capp's Hot Fries". God I love America" Andy Capp's! Their french-fries-disguised-as-potato-chips were our favorite childhood snack.
Modelinia: "Have you tried Chatroulette? Look who Ali Michael found --" We bet the cheetah would have loved to do a walk-off.
Teen_Vogue: "As promised, the TeenVogue Web and Beauty Departments... in Avatar form. Click through the slideshow!" Every office needs a pick-me-up every once in a while. Teen Vogue's just happens to come in blue facepaint form.
themoment: "It's all about integrating blackboads, white chalk and cardboard into your winter wardrobe at the AF Vandervorst show. JM" We'll keep this in mind the next time we go to Dick Blick art supplies.
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