Twitter Troll: Mini Moschino, ’90s Model Style, and Gap Makes You Dance For Your Clothes

SHOWstudio: " - A Moschino campaign beckons this little star..." File under "Cutest Thing Ever ALSkjfdlasjfd"
cmbenz: "Ha! Die! Nope ... Weds/Sat ... Wanna guest-pass w/ me? RT @prabalgurung: @cmbenz hey BIG guy... did u pump some iron today dude?" We imagine that Chris Benz and Prabal Garung did a cyber high five right afterward and then poured a protein shake all over each other's heads.
racked: "The Gap dancers tell us coupons for denim go to anyone who gets really into the show. Want free jeans? Dance along." Forget dancing for your dinner. This is a whole lot chicer.
COACD: "BACK IN THE HABBIT!!!!!!!" It's always a good idea to fit a Whoopi Goldberg reference into your dialogue at least once a day.
Modelinia: "Travel back to the '90s as we take a look at supermodels' fabulous style then and now! --" And just when we thought we'd never see another pointy-toed pump...
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