Twitter Troll: Mickie D's, Northern Virginia Fashion Week, and Someone's Got a Crush on Scrooge

FlauntMagazine: "Bending at knees while editing provides maximum performance. Here's an example of a lower back bend edit. Avoid." The key to creating a ship-shape magazine is all in the knees.
ComfortablySmug: "F*ING BRILLIANT!!! Chinese News Station makes a 3 D REENACTMENT of Tiger Woods getting attacked by his wife!" We're hoping that these 3D reenactments are a recurring thing, otherwise someone's got a weird obsession over this whole car accident thing.
allplaidout: "Why anyone would choose the uniform predictability of a McDonald's over the delicious irregularity of a family-owned diner is beyond me" 2 words: Chicken. Nuggets.
MeenalMistry: "Northern Virginia Fashion Week? Well, now I've just heard everything..." Next up on One-shouldered overalls, chic or hick?
ByrdieBell: "What are my chances of marrying a man who sleeps in a nightshirt and stocking cap?" Better if you limit the men you date to those who've appeared in A Christmas Carol.
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