Twitter Troll: Matchy Matchy, Von Teese's Beef, and Rodarte x Snoop Dogg?

dizzyblazeberg: "First Twitpic ever. Best family bonding ever. Me, Dad and Courtney Love: Yes, somehow (how???) my dad is a big fan." Welcome to the twitpic world, Derek!
fiercegrandma: "But not before I tweet about Mulleavys story about sharing a Jet Blue flight with Snoop. Priceless and unbelievable" Just you wait—Fall 2010 Rodarte will be all gangsta pigtails, tracksuits, and Mary J tropes.
harleyvnewton: "En route to CFDAs with Ohne Titel. My socks are the same print as my dress." Sounds like someone's been favoring the matchy-matchy route.
stefanogabbana: "I accept suggestions on women's collection.....(just 2day) :-))))" You only have a few more hours to share your input on next season's D&G collection!
DitaVonTeese: "Oh boy, here we go~ stars of film "Burlesque" proclaiming no pasties/g-strings in their film. That's more "Faux-lesque" than Burlesque!" With Christina Aguilera and Cher on the film roster, not stripping down would have been more surprising.
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