Twitter Troll: Makeup For Cows, Cake on a Plane, and Marshmallows Filled With Collagen (Yum!)

fashionologie: "Marc Jacobs Didn't Get Married After All" A rehearsal wedding with a real cake and wedding guests? Perhaps someone should get Marc on one of those Bridal Wars shows.
fiercegrandma: "The number of compliments I have receieved on my Balmain fisherman's (-person's?) pant indicate to me that this silhou is here to stay" Straight from Bonnie Morrison: Fisherperson Silhouettes, Hot for 2010!
styledotcom: "If it's good enough for cattle, then this beauty treatment is good enough for you:" We can only imagine the tagline: "Look Bovine Fine and Udderly Cowriffic!"
stefanogabbana: "Cake on plane....." Stefano Gabbana, the Samuel L Jackson of fashion.
StyleListSays: "Yummy or gross? Collagen Marshmallows & Cheesecake. @stylelistsays" Do. Not. Want.
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