Twitter Troll: Kristen’s Cover, Tyra’s Nails, and Katie Perry’s Reckless Use of Electronic Devices

We thought Edward was supposed to be the one that *~*sparkled*~*.
DazedMagazine: "just put up the new cover with Twilight star Kristen Stewart, what do you think?"
Thanks, Derek Blasberg. Now our walls have serious art envy.
dizzyblazeberg: "I am in one room that has: two Picassos, a Miro, a Richard Prince and a Hirst. If this place burned down, I would be the least thing missed."
Suddenly, we feel like we need a cold shower.
daisylowe: "if you're visiting new york, go to coney island on friday night. the fireworks blew our mind and the cyclone rocked me so hard im bruised."
Madge poke, courtesy of the Standard Hotel.
StanDarde: "Happy Birthday, Madonna! You're old."
As a service announcement to a certain reckless Ms. Perry, we point you to this article.
katyperry: "I can see the Opera house from my shower. Hopefully they can't see the shower from the opera house tho. Twittering from the shower, Fresh."
Tales from the childhood of the OG
tyrabanks: "for 1st day of 9th grade, i got fake nails. beige polish with gold teddy bear charm stud on one finger. TyTy was fly!!!"
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