Twitter Troll: Hypoglycemic House of Holland, Philosophical McQueen, and a Victoria Beckham Showdown

Lady Gaga: " - having "tea" during show in phillip tracy hat and armani suit" Careful, Gaga. Electric currents and liquids don't mix.
Henry Holland: "Everyone is being very mean to each other in the studio today. Don't MAKE me start making P45 paper aeroplanes people!" Maybe they all have low blood sugar? Eat some almonds, Henry Holland!
AndrewAndrew: "We want to go to this guy's parties:" Us too! We'll bring the Lady Gaga Doritos holder.
McQueenWorld: "why people ignore the ugly things in life but within this they are missing the beauty that lies under the rotten fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!" Words to live by.
tessbrokaw: "just ate something healthy and it tasted really gross. screw that." Dig deeper Tess, McQueen tells us there's something beautiful underneath.
Fashionista_com: "Who Wore it Better -- Blake Lively vs Jennifer Hudson." They both look great, but we have a feeling that Posh would blow them both out of the water.
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