Twitter Troll: Grammar Wars, Joe Zee Studies To Become An American Citizen

cutblog: "Hermès's horse-hoof-inspired jewelry to start at $23,675" It was at this point that we realized the incredible dearth of horse-related puns. What's the deal, English Vocabulary?

fordmodels: "One space follows a comma and two spaces follow a period (full stop). Follow these rules and the world is a better place." Gasp! One space after periods! We're wiling to grammar-nerd battle you on this one.

cjronson: "Back at work. Fitting holiday 2010 samples. Looking very partylicious!!" Dresses good enough to eat...we approve!
mrjoezee: "Studying American History and Civics questions for my naturalization interview tomorrow (nervous, fingers crossed!)." Quick--recite, in order, the most fashionable US presidents from fanciest to fugliest. Answer correctly and you'll become a legal citizen of the United States of Refinery.
whitehouse: "Guess who is back, live @ the White House? @justinbieber - watch & join the live chat now:" Obama, a Bebieber? Whodathunk?!

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