Twitter Troll: Glamour Dials, $25,000 On Shoes, And Lumberjacks Go Digital

sea_of_shoes: "He always has the best shirts @Rokarony" When lumberjacks discover digital prints...
DitaVonTeese: "Back to Paris....the glamour dial is about to be turned up to ELEVEN." In hot, sweaty New York our glamour dial is at a 2. Our AC, on the other hand, is on full blast.
johnjannuzzi: "This oreo isn't deep fried...I am very confused." We ate a Twinkie out of a vending machine the other day and felt the same way.
ellemagazine: "ELLE Quote of the Day: "By the way, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14." -Issey Miyake" Is this some kind of misguided plus-size empowerment ploy? A vintage size 14 is like a modern 6.
StyleListSays: "A new study says women spend over $25,000 on #shoes in a lifetime: Do you think you'll be over or under?" Depends on how many pairs of electric guitar stilettos we buy for our lady feet power band.

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