Twitter Troll: Giovanna's Red Shoes, Polonius Monk, And Mini Gabbana

stefanogabbana: " Me...... some years ago! On November Glamour issue." A Gagabbana!
derekblasberg: "There is a long line of people waiting to get inside the Ugg store in Soho. I don't understand." We don't understand either. Maybe the boots are 100% off?
Batgiovanna: "Mini red moment from my house, got this super mini red shoes... To cute" Sigh. Maybe we'll cut our toes off to make 'em ft.
Nowness: "Is it really all about New York?" We might be a little biased, but... yes. Yes it is.
samantharonson: "Well, I remember mel gibson accurately and he didn't say that. That Thelonius guy did." Theolonius, Polonius—close enough!

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