Twitter Troll: Hail to the Queen, Flintstones Inspire, and Everybody Tao Now

COACD: " - Daphne Guinness now at WOMEN!" Is there anything that woman doesn't do?
Teen Vogue: "Wilma Flintstone was the inspiration at Jeremy Scott! Including Betty's bone hair accessories. Very funny." Inspiration can come from the strangest, animated places. Yabadabadoo!
Models: "Tao Okamoto has always been something special but she moves into the stratosphere with the Nov Vogue Nippon" The rise of Tao continues. Soon, we'll all be sporting bowl cuts.
NYLON: "Loving possibility of Solange + Of Montreal! How cool!" Rumor or not, could we have brought these two talents together?
TimesFashion: "#LFW best Burberry rumour: Queen Elizabeth is on her way. Lack of bag checks make me think this is a clanger. AO" And that, folks, is the most British thing you'll read all week.
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