Twitter Troll: FNO Plans, Potholder Pants, And Throw Blood Diamonds At Naomi Campbell

rackedny: "Our sister site Racked National just found an online video game where you throw blood diamonds at Naomi Campbell:" THIS.
glamour_fashion: " what's the one thing you've been wearing non-stop this season? our fashion editor can't live without this dress:" A great fit, a versatile silhouette, and a timeless look...we guess that you're going to be wearing this dress non-stop for many seasons to come!
misternewton: "There are over 1,000 events listed on the official #FNO website for New York alone! I'm going to give you my (very) short list though..." We're still compiling our hit-list. In the meantime, click through to Mr. Newton's twitter for a great 1st-draft plan.
chictopia: "Want to become a contributing editor for EIU?" This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the fashion door. One of our editors started out here!
fuggirls: "So far on GFY today: Pants made of potholders? MAYBE:" Potholder pants, ramekin bras...perhaps some tools are better left in the kitchen?

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